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What is Omni Suksestama ?

Your tax consultants

We live in the information age. For any business seeking to be competitive and remain sustainable, access to accurate information is more crucial than ever before. In Indonesia, as elsewhere, companies must abide by the law, but without easy access to a central repository of laws, obtaining correct legal information is not easy. And even when such information is available, frequent revisions, amendments and annulments make it difficult to know whether it is correct and up to date.

Tax management is one of the most important and difficult issues for companies doing business in Indonesia. The Indonesia taxation system is very complex due to the lack of legislative precision and the unforgiving self-assessment system which puts its reliance on the corporate tax payer to do the tax collection through the extensive withholding tax requirements.

The top priority at OMNI SUKSESTAMA is to minimize your business and personal tax exposures by legitimate planning and by being aware of the changing requirement of the taxation system.
With committed to your success mission, we are making every effort to help our clients achieve their goal and objectives efficiently, and economically. We measure our success from the success of our clients in doing business in Indonesia. Omni Suksestama is a firm that offers a full range of services in tax consulting and tax litigation on tax cases. The firm is run and managed by highly dedicated and motivated professionals that have knowledge and skills, with long and wide experience in the business. They are also well known by tax administrators and tax court administrators, therefore they have full access for personal contacts in those organizations. Our professionals have sound understanding of the uniqueness of the tax system in Indonesia, which is our greatest asset to maximize our clients satisfactions.

The People Behind

Omni Suksestama was founded on November 27, 1998. As proof of the commitment to support their staff, the partners offer weekly training sessions to all employees. Staffs are cross-trained to be better utilized in different taxation services, as clients of Omni Suksestama often use more than one service.

We believe that people deal with people not tax consulting firms. We recruit, train and promote people who not only possess outstanding technical skills, but also have a sound understanding of what it means to provide superior service to clients.

The following are some of our talented people:

Drs. Rahyo Saputro - Registered Tax Consultant Certificate C with 34 years experience in taxation
Tax Consultant License: SI 392/PJ/1999

Drs. Prijo Mardjono Registered Tax Consultant Certificate C with 31 years experience in taxation
Tax Consultant License: SI 843/PJ/2003

Profile of the pioneer

Rahyo Saputro

Rahyo Saputro has 34 years length of service in Directorate General of Taxation. Graduated from the Social Faculty of State University of Diponegoro majoring in social and politic. Long experience as a government tax auditor and a lecturer at several state university at Central of Java also tax education institution in Jakarta.

Prijo Mardjono

Prijo Mardjono has 33 years length of service in Directorate General of Taxation. Graduated from Institute Ilmu Keuangan Jakarta - Jakarta Financial Institute. Long experience as a government tax auditor.

In addition to that, our list could extend with twenty more professionals who have strong expertise in Indonesian taxation regulation.

What We Do ?


OMNI SUKSESTAMA is conservative in nature and we play by old school rules, yet our game plan is spiked with progressive strategies. This synergy enables us to interpret Indonesian tax laws in a way that benefits both our clients and the country Indonesia.

At OMNI SUKSESTAMA, interpreting Indonesian tax rules and regulations is a way of life. Backed by efficient experts, we offer our clients unsurpassed services in a challenging and constantly changing industry. Years of experience taught us to the best interpretation of taxation laws to provide our clients with fair deals within the boundaries of the law.

Dealing with the tax office can be time consuming and costly if they charge for tax misconduct. At OMNI SUKSESTAMA we do more accurate to ensure all tax obligations is fulfilled well. It will save time and money if we are able to detect in practice, tax calculation and reporting potential tax exposure before hand. In tax area it requires certain skills and knowledge. With our extensive experience, we ensure that tax calculation and reporting are done accurately and timely.

Our commitment to each and every client is to be accessible, responsive, involved and accountable. As good business counselors, we listen and act quickly. We meet our commitments and keep you informed about the progress and the status of our work.

We are obliged to adhere to government regulations and believe in the principal functions of the government. Within the boundaries of these laws, we are committed to finding the best tax solutions that will maximize benefits for our clients.

At OMNI SUKSESTAMA, we always play by the rules and still find solutions and interpret the laws with our clients' best interest at heart.

It is our desire to empower our clients with necessary knowledge to succeed and prosper in business. We find the strength in this approach lies with cultivating a circuit of employees that together function as one seamless circle, without losing sight of individual strengths and abilities.

We always look beyond the obvious, and are able to form concise and clear plans that will best serve our clients.

We communicate with our clients directly and through regular technical bulletins and business updates covering a wide range of topics in taxation.

We provide high quality taxation advisory services for our clients. Whilst we do work for many public clients, our typical client is not the huge, multi-national variety but rather, an organization where the decision makers own and run the business. Our clients include:

" Owner-managed business
" Family owned businesses
" Mutual interest and not for profit organizations (e.g. schools, associations)
" Public companies

Our rules of engagement.

In other words, heres how we play.

" We think long-term relationships are the best.
" We exceed expectations for service.
" Our work goes where it's called.
" We support our positive vitality by inviting, hearing, and integrating feedback about how we're doing, individually and organizationally.
" We donate what resources we can to people doing good work.
" We consistently challenge ourselves to participate in the bigger game.
" We operate in a highly productive and efficient way.
" We practice what we preach.
" We are respectfully nice.
" We keep our principles alive and well, and we honor them in our practice.
" Silence means we are OK with what's going on.
" We communicate richly; with open systems, updates, questions, clarifications, and ideas.
" We support personal and professional development for all of us, including ourselves.
" We share what we learn.
" We develop the opportunity for each of us to manifest our greatness and serve its source

With our long time experience, we offer our clients unsurpassed service in this challenging and ever-changing industry. Over the years we have learned how to best interpret taxation laws to provide our clients with fair deals while satisfying the needs of the government.

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